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It's A Different World: Relatives as Parents

Are you or someone you know a relative who is providing primary care for a relative child? This event is designed just for you!!! It's a Different World, right! Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Do you wish you had someone who can identify with what feels like a terrible roller coaster ride? How do you answer tough questions for a child who misses their parent whether they are deceased, ill, incarcerated, etc.? You want them to receive the best education, but don't know how to advocate. Do you understand clinical diagnoses? Are you navigating the long process of an Interstate Compact? Going through an adoption? How do you advocate for supportive services for you and the child? How do you balance all of the responsibilities and take care of you? Come together with relative parents who have the same questions that you do. Hear from experts that are ready to share information that will empower you to be informed and intentional through every step of the journey. You are making a difference one step at a time! Panel discussion topics include: Interstate Compact (ICPC), Adoption, Self-Care/Wellness, Mental Health, Educational Advocate, Juvenile Justice, Family Reunification, Grief Registration is REQUIRED:

  • Date: 12/14/2019 11:00 AM
  • Location: Matteson, IL, USA (Map)